What You Need to Know About Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed Money:  It’s Your Money

It seems like every day in the news you hear about people who can’t pay their mortgages and so their houses are being taken away. Or you hear about families who are struggling to pay for groceries because food costs keep skyrocketing. Then there are men and women who can’t seem to find the money to put gas in their cars because gas prices keep going up. All these prices keep going up and yet wages stay the same. If only there was some way to find free money. Well, actually there is. Unclaimed money is a becoming quite a problem in this country and until more people find out about it, it will never change.

What Is The Growing Unclaimed Money Problem?

Every year in this country, millions of dollars go missing by the average American. This money comes from abandoned bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, refunds from utility deposits and former years’ tax returns and so much more. The same Americans who might go a few nights without eating because they can’t find the money to make ends meet might like to know that there’s a couple hundred or thousand dollars waiting for them in an unclaimed money account somewhere.

Yet most Americans remain oblivious to this problem. The money keeps flowing in and the state and local governments are finding it difficult to manage all that money. Someone must oversee the money, then there are those whose job it is to count all the money and that doesn’t leave a lot left over. What we need is an organization whose job it is to notify every American that unclaimed money exists and could make life a lot easier for many people.

Public Awareness

UnclaimedMoney.com is one of a number of services that is trying to the word out to all Americans that this issue exists. It’s almost comical that a problem as big as this one and one that’s so easy to solve could get this big! If you had to go through a bunch of hoops to find out if you had unclaimed money, it might make sense that there would be more funds waiting for you. Yet it is in fact very easy to search for this money. You simply use your first and last name. Then, you simply contact the organization that is holding your money and verify your identity so that you can claim it. It’s as easy as that and still most Americans don’t even know that this money exists at all.

Will Things Change?

Only time will tell if more Americans will find out that this money exists and that it’s out there and that it could make life much easier for the right families. These families would probably jump for joy if they could suddenly pay their mortgages with ease or even take that coveted family vacation that they’ve been putting aside for far too long. This problem is getting worse and only by telling all Americans about the growing lost or missing money problem can we hope to do something about it.


If every person searched for unclaimed money and then told every American they knew about the phenomenon and problem, the economy might improve, more Americans might find that they can get by just a tad bit easier and the government would no longer face a problem of this magnitude. Until then, the government will have to continue to manage this money that keeps rolling in with no signs of it ever slowing down.