Unclaimed Money from Stocks

Unclaimed Funds And Missing Money From Stocks May Belong To You

Have you ever dabbled and took your chances with the stock market? Or maybe when you first started your investment portfolio you were not 100% sure what exactly  you were doing. You might have invested in more stocks than you remember or kept track of. If either of these situations could have happened, you might have unclaimed funds owed to you. Even if you haven’t messed with stocks and/or bonds, you may still have unclaimed funds and missing money coming your way. Now before you ask yourself “How could I possibly have money coming to me if I have never invested it in the first place?”. Let’s look at a couple ways you may have unclaimed funds in your name in the state in which you currently live.

The Stock Market

If you have ever invested in the stock market and maybe happened to forget about your investment, you might have some money coming your way. It sounds crazy to think that someone might forget about their investments, but it actually happens all the time. Maybe you had someone investing for you that didn’t keep the best track of your investments and it is still gaining interest or the stock is might even be going up. Or perhaps the money in your portfolio was such a small amount that you figured it’s not even worth bothering with it. In any case, the interest that you may have earned on the money you invested might have become unclaimed funds and missing money. Now all you have to do is claim it.

You Didn’t Invest?

If you simply can not remember investing in the stock market, you may still have missing money out there. You might be wondering how this could be possible. In Ohio there is a class action lawsuit in which the citizens who have found unclaimed funds and missing money in their name are demanding that the state return all interest that was gained from the state investing with their unclaimed funds. That’s right, some people felt that it was like the state tried to gamble with the citizens money and then tried to keep all the interest. If you have unclaimed funds and missing money out there and you never invested in the stock market, you may have fallen victim to just this type of scenario.

In these situations the best thing to do is to search for unclaimed funds or missing money nationwide to see if you have any interest coming to you from any and all related stock market investments. Even if you’ve never tried investing into the stock market yourself, it could be that the state that has your unclaimed funds and money might have tried to invest on “your behalf”. If this is the case you have a right to that missing money along with any interest it may have accrued through the years. You should do everything in your power to work with the state in question to claim and take back any unclaimed funds and missing money you or anyone in your family may have. This is your right as a United State citizen and there are many websites with nationwide databases to search these types of scenarios for you. Sometimes it takes a while for the state you may have misplaced funds with to actually report it so even if you don’t find something now on your initial search you may want to check back periodically just in case.