Unclaimed Money Rising Nationwide

Why Unclaimed Property Is On The Rise Nationwide

Government officials are going crazy these days as they struggle to manage billions of dollars in unclaimed money.

State and federal government treasury accountants can only sit and watch as piles of unclaimed money rolls in and piles up. Most people would say that unclaimed money piling up would be a great problem to have, but the state and federal government doesn’t think so. That’s because the unclaimed money can’t be used. It’s making anyone any richer and it can’t be circulated into the economy. It just sits there lying dormant and there’s only one thing anyone can do: it must be claimed by the rightful owners. Why is this unclaimed money problem so bad and why is it getting worse? The answer is actually a couple of reasons.

More People, More Unclaimed Money Problems

The reason unclaimed money is on the rise is because there are more people today than there ever have been. We have over 7 billion people on the planet and all of those people could be potential unclaimed property owners.

Moving Around The Country

When you move, you are supposed to notify your post office so that your mail can be forwarded. If you don’t notify your previous job, however, you might have unclaimed money in the form of your final paycheck. If you didn’t notify your insurance company, you might have unclaimed money in the form of a claims payout. If you didn’t notify your long-lost relatives, you might have an inheritance somewhere. You get the idea.

Unclaimed money is on the rise because so many people are moving all around the country and they’re not making that fact known to the companies that may have money coming their way. You can’t blame them. People these days are very focused on privacy. If you moved, would you want to tell everyone you used to know that you did so? Of course not. And so it goes. The unclaimed money problem continues to get worse as more people move into the U.S. and more people move around and essentially leave their money behind.

UnclaimedMoney.Com is Here to Help

With so much unclaimed money in state and federal accounts, something must be done. UnclaimedMoney.com is here to save the day. With an unclaimed money search, any American will be able to see if they have unclaimed money waiting for them out there. The thing is, our service searches all 50 states and also federal databases. So no matter where you used to live, our service can find any unclaimed money that may be out there waiting for you to claim.

Once you find unclaimed money, UnclaimedMoney.com will then help you find it. Hopefully more people will hear about UnclaimedMoney.com so that we can alleviate some of the problem state and federal government officials are facing. All that money could be better spent in the pockets of Americans so that we can improve the economy. With billions of dollars on the line and eight in ten Americans owed that money, it pays to do an unclaimed money search with UnclaimedMoney.com