Unclaimed Money News in California

California Unclaimed Money Is Waiting For You

California residents and all those who used to live in the state, listen up. California unclaimed money has hit epic proportions and the state Treasurer’s office is asking for the residents’ help. The state doesn’t have the budget to send out a massive PR campaign asking people to search for and claim the California unclaimed money that they might have coming to them. The state doesn’t even have the resources to start a viral campaign, which may states are relying on now to alert their own residents to their growing unclaimed money issues. Yes, it is up to current and former residents to eradicate the unclaimed money in California and it all starts with a simple search.

Unclaimed Money In California Keeps Rising

California just can not seem to rid itself of its financial woes. Not only is the state facing an ongoing budget crisis, but now state officials are also being forced to contend with another crisis. That would be the California unclaimed money crisis that threatens to pull the state down even further into an economic calamity. State treasury officials will need to come up with a solution soon before the unclaimed money problem becomes too big to handle. If every resident did a search for unclaimed money in California it would be a great start to tackling this growing problem head on.

The California Unclaimed Money Problem

Of all the states in the Union, California is probably the worst off when it comes to the growing unclaimed money problem. With so many California residents owed missing or lost money and with the state in such a sad state of affairs financially, you would think that more people would search for and locate this money that is rightfully theirs. The problem is compounded by a lack of education and a lack of funding and resources at the state level, but something must be done, and soon.

How To Find Unclaimed Money In California

Are you hurting for money? You’re not alone. Let’s face it, with the economy in a slump, we could all use a little more scratch. If you live in California, you might be feeling the pinch a little more than other people around the country. What if you were told, however, that you could possibly be the owner of unclaimed money in California? What if you were told that, by forgetting about a bank account or a safe deposit box, by having an old lost relative leave you money or by not cashing your last paycheck of some past employer, you might be one of the lucky owners of billions of dollars in unclaimed money? Would you be interested? Of course you would. So how do you find out if you have money out there and, more importantly, how do you claim it? Keep reading to find out.