Top 10 Reasons You Might Have Unclaimed Money

Top 10 Reasons You Could Have Unclaimed Money With The Government

Right now there are billions of dollars sitting in government accounts and millions of Americans are the rightful owners of all that money. How do we have such a problem with unclaimed money in this country? It’s because most people don’t even know that they’re owed unclaimed money. To help determine if you might be the rightful owner of unclaimed money, read through the following. Hopefully you can find some unclaimed money of your own to help alleviate some of the problem government officials are facing.

Reason #1: Paychecks You Never Cashed. If you worked for a company, moved and never gave your previous employer your forwarding address, you might just have unclaimed money waiting for you in the form of an uncashed payroll check.

Reason #2: Insurance Settlements. If someone in your family died and they listed you on their life insurance policy, you might have unclaimed money waiting for you. You might also be the recipient of insurance settlements from accidents or class action lawsuits.

Reason #3: Inheritances. Long lost Aunt Gertrude left you thousands of dollars. Or maybe even her home which then becomes unclaimed property. You’ll never know unless you conduct a search for unclaimed money.

Reason #4: Abandoned Safety Deposit Boxes. Believe it or not, people forget about safety deposit boxes all the time. It never hurts to conduct an unclaimed money search to see if you can find some riches you may have left behind.

Reason #5: Lost Bank Accounts. Instead of closing that one bank account, you just ignored it. Well, now it has compounded interest and those measly thirteen dollars have now become thirteen hundred dollars. You never know when you may have opened a bank account and then left it dormant, thus allowing interest to build.

Reason #6: Unreturned Utility Deposits. If you moved away from a house or apartment and you never received the utility refund from your light or gas company, you might have unclaimed money sitting in a government account.

Reason #7: Court Settlements. Some people find that they have sums of unclaimed money waiting for them from years old court proceedings.

Reason #8: Unclaimed IRS Tax Returns. The IRS will only do so much to notify you of unclaimed money that they may have of yours. If you move away and they don’t have a forwarding address, the money will just sit there gathering dust. Wouldn’t you rather have all that money in your bank account? Sure you would. An unclaimed money search can make that possible.

Reason #9: State Tax Refunds. States will also try to contact you if you have tax refunds coming, but again they can only do so much. The money will go back into government accounts and there it will sit.

Reason #10: Overpaying Bills! You may be owed money for overpaying your mobile phone bill, for example.

The fact is, you never truly know where unclaimed money will originate from. offers a comprehensive search so that anyone can find their money, no matter where it may have come from. We will search all 50 states and federal accounts so that, if there is unclaimed money out there, you’ll be sure to find it.