Texas Unclaimed Property

TX – Unclaimed Property

Below you will find information on how to claim your funds from the Texas unclaimed money program. These funds are being held by Texas. To claim them you will have to follow the below instructions and contact Texas directly.

Claim instructions:

If our search results in any matches between the information that you provide and the data reported to us, you should download a claim form from our site. Then print it, read it carefully, fill it out and mail all the required information to the state. The claim form includes instructions for its completion and describes the documentation that will be needed in addition to the form. ORIGINAL OWNER CLAIM The claimant must be 18 or older to file. Please provide the following: * Copy of claimant’s photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, state identification card, passport, etc.) * Proof of Social Security Number (SSN) for the Reported Property Owner and Reported Additional Owner (see the Property Information box on your claim), for each property on your claim * Documentation from your own files proving that the Reported Property Owner lived at the Reported Property Address (see the Property Information box), for each property on your claim * Other documentation requested for each property below:


Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Unclaimed Property Division PO Box 12046 Austin, Texas 78711-2046 

Phone: 1-800-654-FIND(3463)

Fax: 1-888-908-9991

Email: [email protected]

Claim form:

For your convenience we have also attached a claim form for you to download and print. Please click the link below to open the claim form and then use the “File > Print” menu on your computer to print the form. Then you can fill the printed form out and mail it in with your correct identification. 

If you are claiming lost money for someone who is deceased, please click here for an example of what information you may need to file your claim.