The State Treasury Has Your Unclaimed Money

Your State Treasury Has Unclaimed Money For You

Could you use some extra money? Who couldn’t, right? Did you know that your state treasury may be holding unclaimed money in your name? It’s true. Right now you could have an extra ten, hundred or even thousand dollars waiting for you in a state treasury account. All you have to do is conduct a search and that unclaimed money could be yours.

What Is Unclaimed Money?

If you’ve ever abandoned a bank account with what you thought was a low balance, if you’ve ever forgotten about a safe deposit box, if you’ve ever won a judgment in court of if you have any wealthy relatives that recently passed away, you might have unclaimed money coming to you.

This unclaimed money becomes considered unclaimed when you move away and you fail to notify your previous employer, landlord, mortgage and insurance companies and all the other corporate or government entities that may be sending money your way.

When this money fails to reach you, it is considered unclaimed money and it goes to the state account where you lived when the money became owed to you. If that money never reaches you, it goes to the state treasury where all of that money sits there collecting dust.

In order to secure that money so that you can get the help you need paying bills, rent and mortgage and putting food on the table, you need to conduct a thorough search.

It’s Much Easier Finding Unclaimed Money Today

When you conduct a search for unclaimed property using a service like, you can find out in a matter of seconds whether or not you have any unclaimed money coming to you. In years past, you used to have to pay someone to search the treasuries of all 50 states and even a few federal accounts, and that was only to search to see if you had money available. You would then have to pay someone to retrieve the money and you might even have to pay the person some of your newfound wealth as compensation.

These days, it’s much easier to find unclaimed money. You simply conduct a search and you’ll find out instantly if the money is available. The unclaimed money search will automatically query the state treasuries in all 50 states and those federal accounts we just referred to so that you don’t have to do a thing. Even if you lived in ten states before moving to the state you live in now, you’ll be able to conduct a thorough unclaimed money search so that you can uncover that unclaimed money for yourself.

Claiming Your Money

Claiming the money is even easier once you find it. You will have to verify your identity so that just anyone can’t claim your unclaimed money in your name. Once you mail/fax or email the information, however the state treasury instructs you to do it, you will then be able to claim the unclaimed money as your own.

This money can then be mailed to you and sometimes it can go straight into your bank account as an automatic draft. This is a great way to find unclaimed money that can help make life a little easier and finding and claiming that unclaimed money is now easier than ever.

So how about it? Can you use some extra cash? Conduct a premium search and see why so many Americans are searching for their money using