Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property Is On The Rise

Pennsylvania unclaimed property is on the rise and the state’s officials are struggling to find answers. It seems like weekly the state’s treasury offices are being inundated with unclaimed property in massive proportions. Money, collectibles, property and more – it’s all piling up at the state capital and time is running out. If people don’t start coming forward to find the Pennsylvania unclaimed property soon, it could be deemed abandoned forever.

Pennsylvania Unclaimed Property

To claim unclaimed property in Pennsylvania, you only have to follow a series of simple steps. You can begin by visiting the Unclaimed Money homepage, where you will be asked to provide your first and last name and the state in which you live. You can also search for a business name if you feel that will be more fruitful. You can even conduct a search for your close friends, other family members and even loved ones with their consent. I mean you can search any ones name, but it might be a strange conversation if you just say, “hey, I found money in your name” out of the blue. On the other hand, if someone said that to me mid conversation I really don’t think I would be offended at all… depending on who it was!

This simple query will search your name against all the other names on the Pennsylvania unclaimed property registry. If a match is made, we’ll provide a report, delivered via email, providing instructions on how to claim the money. Some of the instructions will be very easy and may only require one more step and in other cases, depending on the type of source or entity actually holding onto the money. In these more rare cases, usually having to do with IRS refunds or inheritances, you may have to provide proof of identity in the form of an ID or even a signed confirmation from a government or financial institution, and/or a notary.

If you do happen to find unclaimed property in Pennsylvania, you should first contact the treasury office and give them the file number you’re offered in your search results. This will initiate the process for attempting to claim unclaimed property in Pennsylvania. Any further information you can provide to them at that time, if needed, will also help streamline the process and get the money sent out to you by mail or even directly deposited into your private and personal bank account even faster!

If the process for claiming unclaimed property in the state only requires or involves you verifying your name and address, whereby the treasury office will mail you a check or direct deposit the money, in some cases as mentioned before.

Pennsylvania unclaimed property is steadily rising and all of that money could end up in the state’s vaults for good, or it can be deemed abandoned where it will be absorbed by the state to be used for various projects. It really depends on the statute of limitations, that varies per each state’s guidelines, on if your unclaimed property or money still exists under your name or if it has already been dealt with, excluding you from any benefit.

To prevent this from happening and to claim unclaimed property in Pennsylvania that may be listed in your name, visit Unclaimed Money and start searching for your name or business name to get started. You never know how much you’ll uncover and with millions of dollars in Pennsylvania unclaimed property, you just might find that you’re one of the lucky ones who is owed thousands of dollars or even more.