New York State Treasury Unclaimed Property

New York Unclaimed Property

US states are holding onto billions of dollars in unclaimed money and New York is one of the states with the most unclaimed money in its state treasury accounts. This unclaimed money is continuing to come in at a record breaking pace and there are no signs of it slowing down or stopping. However, it’s not just money that the New York treasury is so up in arms about. The state is also having a problem with unclaimed property.

Unclaimed property, much like unclaimed money, belongs to someone out there, yet that person has yet to claim it. If only the New Yorker who was truly owed the unclaimed money and property would just use to conduct a search. That person could then recoup the unclaimed money and unclaimed property and New York could have a chance to be one of the first states in the union to solve its unclaimed money problem.

Where Does Unclaimed Property Come From?

Unclaimed property can describe things like items left behind from an abandoned safe deposit box, items left in a storage unit, property that was left behind in a will and the rightful heir has yet to come forward, and more instances where unclaimed money and unclaimed property goes missing.

The problem is that all that unclaimed money and unclaimed property isn’t really missing. Instead, it is just piling up. New Yorkers are well to use a search service like so that they can do their part to alleviate the problem for the state. Surely there are quite a few New Yorkers who could use some extra money to help pay bills or their mortgage or to put food on the table. And the unclaimed property can be sold for even more money. These New Yorkers who are owed this unclaimed money and unclaimed property would probably be thrilled to know that the unclaimed money and property exist, but the problem is that it’s difficult to let all the rightful owners of this unclaimed money and property know about the situation without massive government spending.

If New York were to start a campaign to notify all the rightful owners of unclaimed money and property that have money coming to them, it would prove to be very expensive. Depending on the advertising medium, for example TV advertising, radio or even booths at New York state and county fairs, the campaign wouldn’t be cost-effective at all.

New York instead needs to implement a massive word-of-mouth campaign to notify more people about the unclaimed money and property problem the state is facing. When a New Yorker finds unclaimed money or property, that person will be able to claim the money, thus relieving the state of a small amount of its unclaimed money and property. That person should then tell everyone they know about the unclaimed money and property they found.

Think about it. If every New Yorker who found unclaimed money and property using told their friends, co-workers, family members, acquaintances and even strangers on the street, the unclaimed money and unclaimed property problem in New York would probably clean up within a week.

So if you live in New York, you know what to do. After you’ve conducted your search right here on, you should let every single person in your life know about the unclaimed money and unclaimed property problem so that we can all do our part to get this issue taken care of once and for all.