Nevada Unclaimed Money [UNCLAIMEDMONEY.COM]

Does Unclaimed Money In Nevada Exist and Why?

Many people have dreams of going to Las Vegas, Nevada to hit it big at one of the casinos. The slot machines and table games and even the high roller tables consistently stay busy at these Las Vegas casinos. Yet most people don’t strike it rich. In fact, most go to Nevada and come out with no money at all. They spend it all on hotel rooms and casino play and high dollar shows and all the rest that Vegas has to offer. What if you were told, however, that Nevada is teaming with unclaimed money. That’s right, you might have unclaimed money in Nevada waiting for you. While most people think of Nevada as some kind of money pit, those same people would be surprised to know that they could have Nevada unclaimed money in the sum of ten, twenty, a hundred, five hundred or even a thousand dollars. One can never know how much money is there until one searches using a proper unclaimed money search.

Nevada Unclaimed Money Sources

The first question you might ask is how that unclaimed money in Nevada got there in the first place. The money comes from various sources. Let’s look at a few ways unclaimed money in Nevada keeps piling up in state treasury accounts.

  • Uncashed Paychecks: Yes, believe it or not many people forget to collect or cash their final paychecks from a previous job. These people might move away and the check might get lost in the mail or, like it happens with many people, the person might forget that they have a final paycheck coming. Either way, the money becomes unclaimed money in Nevada and will sit there collecting dust until someone comes forward.
  • Deposits: Rental, utility and other deposits are supposed to go back to the payee once the terms of the service are completed. In some cases, the renter or homeowner is supposed to receive half of the deposit upon move out or cancellation of service. In either case, the money never reaches the person and it becomes Nevada unclaimed money.
  • Insurance And Court Payouts: When someone gets in an accident, they may be entitled to a settlement. Or they may take the negligent parties to court and they may win damages against the person that hit them. If this money is never claimed, you guessed it, it’s sent to the State Treasury and becomes Nevada unclaimed money.
  • Tax Refunds: Many people file their taxes and then never collect their tax refunds. All this unclaimed money piles up year after year. It’s a good bet that many of the Nevada residents who have tax money coming to them could use it to pay bills or enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

These are just a few of the ways unclaimed money in Nevada accumulates. The only solution is to have all Nevada residents search for unclaimed money on a massive scale. We even need to let former residents know that they, too, might have unclaimed money in Nevada, especially if they’ve ever paid a rental or utility deposit or if they’ve ever filed their taxes but failed to receive a refund.

All these current and former Nevada residents have to do is search for unclaimed money in Nevada using a first and last name. The funny thing about it is that it is so easy to search for this money yet very few are actually doing it. Let’s do our part to help with the unclaimed money in Nevada by telling everyone we know about the unclaimed money search using only a first and last name. It’s no gamble like going to Vegas and you never when you might find a hefty sum in the form of Nevada unclaimed money.