Conducting a Nationwide Unclaimed Money Search

Doing A Nationwide Unclaimed Money Search

Unclaimed money is becoming a huge problem in this country. In fact, we have billions of dollars sitting in state and federal treasury accounts just waiting to be claimed. This unclaimed money isn’t helping any Americans make ends meet and it’s certainly not helping the economy. Instead, it is just sitting there gathering dust and state and federal officials are doing whatever they can to alleviate the problem. To help with this, is here to help. is a service that allows Americans to conduct a premium search for unclaimed money. Our unclaimed money search can access the databases of all 50 states and also federal treasury accounts. If the person’s name does come up, Unclaimed Money will let the person know exactly what to do to claim that money.

Do You Have Unclaimed Money Out There?

Now you may be thinking that it’s virtually impossible for you to have unclaimed money out there. Most people assume that if there was unclaimed money out there, they’d certainly know about it. They would have claimed it long ago. However, most people don’t realize that they are the rightful owners of unclaimed money, which is why the unclaimed money problem is so large.

Where Does Unclaimed Money Come From?

Have you ever opened a bank account and then forgotten about it? Maybe it had twelve dollars in it and you left it alone. It’s situations like these that leave people stunned when they find out that their bank account has compounded interest and now they’re hundreds of dollars richer.

Some people have found money from previous employers, from old insurance settlements and some people even find inheritances from long lost relatives. The fact is, you never truly know if you are in fact the owner of unclaimed money. The great part is, it’s so easy to get started.

Simply enter your name on the home page and press submit. You will then be whisked away to a search results page that offers variations of your name and sums of money that belong to those individuals. The first search is broad so that no stone is left unturned. The Unclaimed Money search results will show names and addresses in various states and this is your chance to see if you have any unclaimed money out there.

If you do in fact have unclaimed money out there, follow the instructions to target your search even more. You may find that you’re hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer.

It’s sad that more people don’t know about If more people did, we wouldn’t be looking at statistics like ’1 in 6 people are owed billions of dollars in unclaimed money’. Think about that staggering statistic. If we can spread the word about the unclaimed money problem, we can help to alleviate the unclaimed money problem and we might just get our country out of this economic slump. It would be better if those billions of dollars were circulating through the economy rather than sitting in government coffers all over the country. It’s time to let everyone know so that we can help our country and get rid of the unclaimed money problem once and for all.