Missing Money in Georgia

Missing Money In Georgia Continues To Grow

If you are a current or former resident of the state of Georgia, there is a chance that you could have missing money waiting for you to step forward to claim it. The Georgia Department of Revenue is the custodian of that money and is acting on the Unclaimed Property Act to protect the rights of owners who may have this money coming to them. If you think you might have missing money in Georgia, the Georgia Department of Revenue is keeping it on ice for you.

The Unclaimed Property Act

This act protects the rights of abandoned property and missing money owners and relieves the organization that may be responsible for that money of all liability. For instance, if you paid a utility deposit to Sustainable Energy a few years ago, but you never received the deposit back when you moved, Sustainable Energy would give possession of that money back to the state of Georgia for safe keeping.

The Georgia Department of Revenue is the holder for the state for Georgia missing money and it is the department to contact if you think you might have money coming to you. Even if you think that chances are slim that there would be any money available, there is always a chance.

Everyday people are finding missing money in Georgia stemming from:

  – Abandoned Bank Accounts

  – Unclaimed Child Support Payments

  – Salary Paychecks That Were Never Cashed

  – Missing Money from Insurance Claims

These are just a few of the sources for all of this missing money in Georgia. Luckily, it is now easier than ever to search for missing money using nothing more than your name.

When you search for missing money in Georgia, you may find ten dollars, thirty dollars or you may find several thousand. Whatever you find, and even if you don’t find anything at all, tell other current and former Georgia residents about Georgia missing money. The more people we tell about missing money, the sooner we’ll be able to clean out all the Georgia missing money coffers for good.

So stop procrastinating and conduct your own search for missing money and see how much it actually pays off to just look. The worst thing that could happen is that your search won’t show any missing money under your name but that is not usually the case. Most of the time people search and they don’t see anything under their exact name it usually shows other family members which can then be alerted to this great news. I mean what says Happy Holidays more then finding missing money under your or a loved ones name. I can’t think of too many gifts that would top the one of putting money back into their own bank account. Can you?