Michigan Unclaimed Property

Michigan Searches For Owners of Unclaimed Property, Money

The state of Michigan faces a growing problem of unclaimed money. What is unclaimed money? It can come from a wide variety of sources. Basically, unclaimed money describes money that used to belong to someone but is currently being held in limbo in a Michigan treasury account somewhere. And Michigan is not alone. It’s said that there are over ten billion dollars in U.S. State and Federal government accounts, and yet most people have no idea they have this unclaimed money coming to them. Michigan is but one state doing everything it can to alert its citizens that they may have unclaimed money coming their way. Will they succeed? Time will only tell.

What’s the Source of Unclaimed Money?

Right now, many Michigan banks are reporting unclaimed money to the state in the form of abandoned bank accounts and safety deposit boxes. It’s true. Believe it or not, some people think the bank accounts or safety deposit boxes hold so little value, they’re not even worth worrying about. Instead of closing the accounts or emptying the boxes, they just go on with their lives. Meanwhile, Michigan gets to add even more money to its countless piles of unclaimed money already sitting in government accounts.

Some people have court settlements and insurance payouts they’ve never received. Some don’t even know the money is coming to them. There are utility deposits that never made it to their rightful owners and there are even inheritances that are sitting waiting to be claimed.

All of this unclaimed money isn’t doing Michigan citizens any good and it’s certainly not doing the State of Michigan’s economy any good. Michigan’s economy is one of the worst in the union and could use all that unclaimed money to help fix infrastructure and help education and other projects that go toward helping the people of Michigan improve.

What Is the State of Michigan Doing?

As we’ve said, Michigan officials don’t have a lot of money to spend on unclaimed money awareness campaigns. Direct mailers and booths set up at state fairs is about all the budget officials have to work with. This is why it is imperative that all Michigan citizens conduct an unclaimed money search so that we can help alleviate this unclaimed money problem once and for all.

UnclaimedMoney.com Makes Searching Easy

Thankfully, you don’t have to do a ton of Internet detective work to find unclaimed money in your name.You simply use UnclaimedMoney.com. Using your first and last name, we will search through the Michigan treasury database to see if there is any unclaimed money that may be assigned to you. If you do have unclaimed money, you’ll find out how to collect it for yourself.

There are millions of dollars in unclaimed money in Michigan’s treasury accounts. It’s time to do our part to make sure this problem gets taken care of. Michigan citizens will benefit, the state will benefit and officials won’t have to worry about the unclaimed money problem any longer.