Lost Funds in New Jersey

Lost Funds In New Jersey Are Still Being Found

Calling all current and former New Jersey state residents – now is your chance to try your hand at finding New Jersey lost funds. With millions upon millions of dollars piling up all across the state, the opportunity is ripe for someone to come away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you think you might have lost funds in New Jersey or even if you’re just curious, visit the Unclaimed Money homepage and submit your full name and state where you reside.

New Jersey Lost Funds – Only A Simple Search Away

Everyday citizens are finding lost funds in New Jersey using their computers and mobile devices. This is made possible by our service, which is considered one of the most comprehensive searches available today. With simple contact information, we can pinpoint checks and bank accounts that may have been lost for years. We will also search other state in which you’ve lived to check for funds in, just in case. That way if you ever lived anywhere else or earned a pay check in another state you can see if all of your wages or hard earned funds were collected or if they are still out there somewhere waiting for you to claim them.

How Do The Funds End Up Missing?

If you’re wondering how all of these New Jersey lost funds ended up missing, it typically occurs when a person moves away and fails to notify the proper authorities of their change of address. This can lead to paychecks being misplaced, 401K accounts becoming mismanaged and child support checks to go unclaimed. There are a ton of other scenarios as well, like never getting back your security deposit on an apartment or home rental. Wonder how something like this could even happen? Well when you return your keys have you ever been told that your security deposit will be used to clean up and fix up any damage you may have caused just by living in your last place? If you were there for a few years or longer this is more common then you might think. Sometimes the work and final walk through or inspection isn’t done for weeks after you vacate and with no forwarding address or a valid phone number to contact, they just hold onto the money until the statue of limitations expire in your state and then they are finally free to do what they want with the rest of your money. This is one way to show you how this type of money becomes New Jersey lost funds. It may not seem vary fair especially if they’re attempts to contact you were not done that thoroughly but with some people, business and companies, unfortunately that is just how things go.

See If You Have New Jersey Lost Funds Waiting For You

You never quite know what you’ll find when you use our unclaimed money search service. We find money where others have not done so. You’ll then be able to claim any money you find by following a series of simple steps. These steps typically involve verifying your identity before the New Jersey lost funds are sent to you via check or direct deposit. Don’t forget that your search will also alert  you to funds in your name nationwide as well.

Lost funds in New Jersey are still being found, but more funds are still piling up to replace them. To do your part for the state’s economy and to be reunited with any funds you may have lost years ago, search Unclaimed Money today and see if you’ve been a contributor to the New Jersey lost funds problem.