Lost Funds in Arkansas

See What Lost Funds In Arkansas Belong To You

People don’t usually come to the state of Arkansas to find money, unless they plan to visit Crater of Diamonds State Park, where one tourist recently found a jellybean-sized 5.16-carat ‘God’s Glory Diamond’ that could be worth as much as $15,000. Other than diamonds, there is much more money to be found in Arkansas, and you don’t have to do a bit of digging to find it. It turns out that there is just over $170 million sitting in Arkansas lost funds accounts. This money belongs to current and former state residents and it can be uncovered in a variety of manners. The easiest way to find your lost funds in Arkansas is to do a search of state and federal databases through Unclaimed Money.

Arkansas Lost Funds – Where Can You Be Now?

Your lost funds in Arkansas could be sitting in a bank vault with hundreds of thousands of other accounts of varying origins. Some lost funds originate from bank accounts that ended up abandoned, either because of a move or because the account remained untouched for a number of years. Other funds originate from insurance claims, wills and estates, stock and mutual fund accounts, court ordered child support payments, and at least a dozen more. This money must be reunited with the rightful owners at some point, but there’s just not enough resources or manpower at the government level to manage the influx of Arkansas lost funds that keep rolling in year after year.

Unclaimed Money is a service that hopes to solve the Arkansas lost funds problem, and reunite you with the property that is rightfully yours. When you land on the Unclaimed Money home page, enter your first and last name and the state in which you live. That’s all it takes to uncover your money, if it exists, and you’ll find out how to reclaim that money in just a few steps. If you have a really common name like John Smith then we may need to require additional information to clarify which John Smith you are and which of the lost funds uncovered rightfully belong to you.

With nearly $200 million dollars to be divvied out, this may prove to be your lucky day. By taking only a few minutes of your time you can easily search Arkansas as well as nationwide for any lost funds under your name. Heck you can even take it a step further and conduct a search for any of your elderly loved ones that you know are not computer or Internet savvy and see if you can help them out by finding and helping them claim these lost funds that may come up under their names too. Search for your lost funds in Arkansas and see if you can uncover your version of the diamond in the rough.