Lost and Missing Money

How Does Lost Money Still Exist?

Most people are still wondering, in this day and age, can lost money still exist? How does one simply lose money? If you have $100, you are going to hold onto that money. You’re not just going to leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up or for the wind to blow it away. Plus, it’s money. People know how much money they have. So how does all this lost money exist? We are talking about billions of dollars being held in state and federal treasury accounts all across the country. There are in fact many reasons for this lost or missing money, which also makes it much harder to track. The best thing you can do is search for lost money to see if you have any out there. If everyone were to do that, we might be able to eradicate the unclaimed or lost money problem in our lifetime.

Lost And Missing Money Keeps Piling Up

What would you do if you had a pile of money that amounted into the billions of dollars? First, you’d have to find someplace to store all that money. You might not have a concept of how big a multi-billion dollar pile of money might be, but let’s just say it would be fairly large. Now let’s say that you have actual vaults where you keep all this money and those vaults are spread all around the country. There are even some federal vaults keeping some of that money. Now, what if you were told that all that money, those billions of dollars that are piled up like a mountain in these vaults all over the country – what if you were told that this money is considered lost or missing money? You’d be confused, right?