How to do an Unclaimed Money Federal Search

How to do an Unclaimed Money Federal Search

Unclaimed money sounds like money you find on the street corner or maybe money left in a wallet that was placed in lost-and-found. While those kinds of unclaimed money are always fun to find, there is way more unclaimed money in this country than you may think, and it’s not all on street corners and in lost-and-found boxes. Instead, unclaimed money is sitting in government accounts all over the U.S., several billion dollars worth to be exact. How can so much money go missing? Let’s find out.

Unclaimed Money a Multi-Billion Dollar Concern in The USA

You may be one of the 1 in 8 people in this country who are owed unclaimed money for one of the following reasons:

  • You left a bank account or safety deposit box behind and you forgot about it.
  • You had a long lost relative leave money behind but the rightful heir hasn’t be located yet.
  • You failed to cash the last paycheck from a previous employer.

These are just a few of the reasons why you may have unclaimed money out there. Most of the time, the money becomes lost because you moved and failed to notify people of your previous address. Checks were mailed and they never reached you. All this money just goes back into government accounts all over the country and there it sits. Now you just need to claim it.

Searching For Unclaimed Money

To do an unclaimed money federal search, head on over to Unclaimed Money is considered one of the world’s largest databases for conducting unclaimed money searches. You simply enter your name and the system will search government treasury accounts in all 50 states and several Federal accounts for records of unclaimed money that may belong to you. The system will first search for variations of your name. So you may get results that don’t necessarily belong to you. If you do find results that belong to you, will take you through the steps of claiming that money as your own.

Solving the Unclaimed Money Concern

Most states and even the Federal government would like nothing more than to solve this unclaimed money problem. Many officials are putting in some type of effort. Ads are placed in the news, booths are set up at state fairs and direct mailers are sent out reminding people that they may have unclaimed money sitting out there. Still, most people don’t believe that they could possibly have unclaimed money waiting out there for them and so they don’t even try. Yet they don’t realize that they could suddenly find themselves hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer. All it takes is a single unclaimed money search.

What Would You Do With The Money?

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars richer? What would you buy? Would you pay off debt or would you pay bills? Or would you take a much-needed family vacation? This isn’t a dream, it’s a reality. Millions of United States citizens are owed money in this country, and you very well could be one of them!