How to Claim Unclaimed Money

How To Claim Unclaimed Money And Property Locally And Nationwide

Americans everywhere are owed billions of dollars in unclaimed money. This money just sits there, not doing anyone a bit of good. Instead of helping American families pay the bills or put food on the table, this unclaimed money just sits in a government treasury account. Or, it sits in a state account and nobody knows it’s even there, least of all the people who the money actually belongs to. These people who are owed money could probably use it, and yet most don’t even know that such a thing as unclaimed money even exists. Do you have missing money out there? You might, as nearly one in eight Americans are owed money. If you do have unclaimed money, the process to retrieve it is quite simple.

How To Claim Unclaimed Money

Thanks to, searching for unclaimed money has become extremely easy. You simply conduct a free search using your first and last name and the database will tell you whether or not you have any money coming to you.  It didn’t use to be this easy. You used to have to either pay someone to find the unclaimed money or you had to call each state and government office to see if unclaimed money was owed to you. This was a drawn out process that few felt inclined to follow through with and so you can see how the unclaimed money problem began to pile up.

With, the process of finding and claiming money has never been easier.

A Simple Unclaimed Money Claim Process

Let’s say you conduct an search and you find unclaimed money coming to you. You live in Michigan, even though the money is from California. You used to live in California and the money owed to you is being held in a California unclaimed money account. Now, how do you get it?

Luckily, when you conduct an unclaimed money search through, you will learn right away how to contact the government or corporate entity in question to retrieve the unclaimed money that is rightfully yours. This unclaimed money will then arrive to you by check and in some cases it can even be transferred right into your bank account.

Of course, you will need to prove that you are who you say you are. You will typically need to mail, fax or email a copy of your driver’s license or social security card, birth certificate or whatever else the entity in question will take as a valid form of ID. This is done for your protection. Otherwise, anyone at all could claim to be you and claim that unclaimed money as theirs. When security measures are put in place to confirm the identity of every person who is owed unclaimed money, the system is protected and all that unclaimed money can go back to its rightful owners.

Hopefully, more people will learn about unclaimed money so that it can be returned back to Americans when they could use it most. It’s no secret that our economy is hurting right now. People are losing their jobs overseas and their homes to foreclosure. More people than ever could use a little extra money in their pockets. That money could come from unclaimed money. Sadly, not too many people know about unclaimed money or If we tell everyone we know and we let them know how easy it is to claim that money once it’s found, the country can get that money put back into circulation and Americans everywhere can hopefully find that little extra they’re hoping for.