How Much Unclaimed Money is There?

How Much Unclaimed Money in the US?

Here in the United States, there are over $70,000,000,000 (seventy billion dollars) unclaimed money just sitting in State and Federal Treasury accounts. It’s difficult to put an actual number to these figures, simply because the unclaimed money in this country is too big. See, the moment we think we have the unclaimed money problem under control, more comes rolling in. Luckily, services like are doing what they can to help those unclaimed money sums go down.

It’s Not Easy Counting Unclaimed Money

Unclaimed money comes from so many sources, it’s hard to gather it all together to get an accurate count. Unclaimed money can come from uncashed payroll checks, uncashed insurance payouts and even uncashed utility deposits. These checks usually go to your home address, but if you’ve moved and you have notified the company or State or Federal entity that is issuing the check, the money will just go back to the government as unclaimed money.

We can estimate the amount of unclaimed money that might be in State and Federal government accounts. The last estimates pegged the number around fourteen billion dollars. It is said, though, that one in eight Americans are owed unclaimed money in some form or another. That’s why it pays for all Americans to conduct an unclaimed money search with The more people search, the less money the government will have to deal with and the more of that unclaimed money will be circulated into the economy, thus doing some good for a change.

Unclaimed Money To Help The Economy

Regardless of how many billions of dollars are in government accounts, all of that money could be better spent in the accounts of American families. Most Americans could use a little extra unclaimed money to help with groceries, rent, the mortgage and even little Johnny’s schooling. The more money gets put back into the economy, the more money will be available for all of us and the economy will improve.

Right now there is nearly seventy billion dollars in government accounts, by all estimates. Let’s tell everyone we know about and let’s finally do something about this growing pile of money that is just sitting there collecting dust.

When telling people about, the most common thing you’ll hear is people’s inability to believe that there could be any unclaimed money waiting out there for them. These people can’t envision a scenario where they would leave money behind. After all, if there was unclaimed money out there, they’d surely find it.

Just tell these people that unclaimed money can come from the most unlikely of sources. Most people are completely unaware that they have unclaimed money and become pleasantly surprised when they find out that they are hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer. It’s like winning the lottery except it’s free to play.

With a free search from, nearly one in eight Americans could find themselves just a little bit richer. Who couldn’t use a few extra dollars? Take a try by using your first and last name and will do the rest.