Help Your Family Find Missing Money & Property

Find Missing Money And Property

If you have any family members who are unemployed, underemployed or maybe you have family members that could just use a few extra bucks, you should consider doing an unclaimed money search on their behalf. An unclaimed money search takes a few minutes and it could yield tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars of this unclaimed money. If your family can’t do an unclaimed money search on their own, you owe it to them and the country to do the unclaimed money search for them.

The Growing Problem Of Unclaimed Money

Right now billions of dollars in unclaimed money are being held in state and federal treasury accounts. This money actually belongs to millions of Americans, but most of those individuals have no idea that this unclaimed money exists. The money comes from abandoned bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, previous paychecks that were never cashed, settlement checks and more. Many times, the unclaimed money comes to be because the person moves and fails to notify their previous employer, various corporations or the state. Checks are mailed out and they never reach their intended recipients so the money becomes unclaimed.

Doing Your Part

The economy is heading for a  slump and nobody will argue that point, but we finally have a chance to do something about it. If every American were to conduct an unclaimed money search using, the U.S. would be able to alleviate itself of this growing unclaimed money problem and more Americans would have the extra money they need to pay their bills, put food on the table and everything else they need help with financially. Some Americans may find that they have so much unclaimed money out there that they can finally take that family trip they’ve always wanted.

Once you have conducted an unclaimed money search, whether you found unclaimed money or not, you should then start searching for all of the members in your family. You only need a first and last name to conduct an initial unclaimed money search and that will let you know if there is unclaimed money in that person’s name. It will be up to the family member to actually claim the money since they will need to verify their ID, but you can conduct the initial search.

In fact, searching for unclaimed money for a family member is a very noble thing to do. Imagine being able to help your family pay their bills or take a vacation. Since you’re in the family, you may get to go on that great family vacation that is funded whole or in part by unclaimed money.

The sky is the limit and you never truly know if there is unclaimed money out there until you conduct a free search with a database like To begin, you should make a list of all of your immediate family members. Start plugging their names in and see if there is any unclaimed money or property out there in their names. If you do find unclaimed money, you’ll be able to give them the good news right away. They may even share their newfound wealth with you. It really depends what type of family you have.

Regardless, you owe it to yourself and your family to conduct a free unclaimed money search using You never know what you’ll find and you could end up making one or more of your family members extremely happy.