Finding Georgia Unclaimed Money

Tracking Down Georgia Unclaimed Money And Property

Georgia may be the Peach State, but it’s fast becoming one of the states with the biggest unclaimed money problem. Unclaimed money and property is such a mess that the state is having problems keeping up with it. The money and unclaimed property just keeps flowing in and there’s little anyone can do to stop it. Oh, Georgia officials have tried. They send out direct mailers, they use TV and radio advertising and they even set up booths at Georgia state fairs. Yet there is still a big unclaimed money and property problem in the state. Luckily, is trying to alleviate the problem once and for all.

Unclaimed Property Could Save Georgia

When people conduct an unclaimed money and property search using, they will be able to determine if they have unclaimed money coming to them in a matter of minutes. The process has been vastly improved from past years. Individuals who wanted to know if they had unclaimed money available back then would have had to contact the individual Georgia state departments and even a few federal departments if they wanted to know if there was any Georgia unclaimed money available to them. This process could take week or more, so it is easy to see how the unclaimed money and property problem began building up.

Now, with, Georgia residents won’t have to go through some drawn out process and they won’t have to wait weeks to see if they have unclaimed money coming to them. They can simply use their first, last name and state and within 24-48 know if they have unclaimed money coming to them. Where that unclaimed money property came from is another story altogether.

Do You Have Unclaimed Money or Property Coming To You?

A good percentage of Georgia residents that do find unclaimed and property coming to them have no idea how it got there in the first place. Usually this happens because the person moved and failed to notify their previous employer, their insurance company, their bank or any other government or corporate entity about the move. If the person had unclaimed money coming to them, the check would have been mailed but the unclaimed money and property never would have made it to the rightful owner. This unclaimed money just goes back into a Georgia state or federal account and it stays there.

Unclaimed Property

Of course, all the unclaimed money and property out there isn’t just the dollar bill kind. There is also lots of unclaimed property that comes from people abandoning safe deposit boxes and storage units. Valuable jewels and antiques and all sorts of items that are worth some good money are also considered unclaimed until the rightful owner comes forward. You can imagine how all of this stuff would add up and how storing it all would be such a problem.

Hopefully now you are more aware of the Georgia unclaimed money problem. Once you use the search service for yourself, you should tell every Georgia resident you know about our area of expertise. The more people know about the unclaimed money and property problem, the sooner that problem will be alleviated once and for all.

Until then, the unclaimed money problem will probably continue to build up. Especially as more people move and fail to notify the right people about that move, more money and property will continue to be considered unclaimed. Let’s do something about this unclaimed money and property problem in Georgia so that the state can get a boost in revenue and so that it can be one of the first states to make a great recovery.