Florida Unclaimed Money

Track Down Unclaimed Money With The Florida State Treasury

If you’ve ever lived in Florida, or you currently call the Sunshine State home, you may have unclaimed money in the Florida State Treasury. It may seem incomprehensible, but many Floridians seem to love leaving good useful cash behind. They’re not leaving it in their seat cushions or in between the seats of the cars. Instead, this unclaimed money usually becomes unclaimed when a check is sent out and it fails to reach the rightful owner. This is usually caused by the person moving and failing to report that move to the company or government entity who happens to be issuing the check. What ends up happening is the check is deemed unclaimed money and it goes right into the Florida State Treasury where it just sits, completely useless.

Many Could Use Florida Unclaimed Money

Florida, just like many other states in the union, could use a little economic help. The millions or even billions of dollars in unclaimed money should go into the pockets and accounts of Florida residents. Instead of collecting dust, all that unclaimed money could be used to help Florida families pay bills and afford food. If you find unclaimed money, it could help to pay rent and mortgage payments and car payments. If all that unclaimed money went back to the rightful owners, Florida could strengthen its economy and it could be one of the first states in the union to come out of these economic hardships relatively unscathed.

The Unclaimed Money Problem

While big piles of money continuing to get bigger may seem like a great problem to have, the unclaimed money issue is in fact a problem for many Florida officials. These officials have their hands tied. All the unclaimed money is tying up unnecessary resources to house and count that unclaimed money, and there’s only so much officials can do to notify Florida residents that they have unclaimed money coming their way.

Up until now, Florida has tried direct mailers, TV and radio ads and booths have even been set up at state fairs. Still, the unclaimed money keeps flowing in and most Florida residents who do have this money coming to them have no idea that it even exists. To make matters worse, many Florida residents who have unclaimed money coming to them move out of state, which makes tracking those individuals down extremely difficult.

UnclaimedMoney.com makes the process of tracking unclaimed money extremely easy, which is key if we hope for large amounts of people to jump on board. Before UnclaimedMoney.com, Florida residents were forced to contact the Florida Treasury directly just to search for unclaimed money in their name. If unclaimed money was in fact discovered, it would take weeks to reach the person. The fact that most people don’t know of the existence of unclaimed money compounded by the fact that the process took longer than a few minutes to complete meant that the unclaimed money was flowing in under the radar. Until UnclaimedMoney.com, the problem seemed to be a serious one with few solutions.

UnclaimedMoney.com has succeeded in helping Florida Treasury officials decrease the amount of money that is being held in unclaimed money accounts. More Florida residents are becoming aware of UnclaimedMoney.com and this is good news for Florida Treasury officials who want nothing more than for all that unclaimed money to go back to the rightful owners.

Conduct a search for unclaimed money and tell every Florida resident you know about unclaimed money, even ones who used to live in Florida, and we can all do our part to curb the unclaimed money problem Florida has been facing for a very long time.