Florida Missing Money

Florida Missing Money Keeps Coming Back

Every year Florida succeeds in returning missing money to the rightful owners, and every year the money keeps coming back. Now the state’s Treasurer, Jimmy Patronis, would like to do something about it. Like other states in the union, Florida has enacted a state-wide treasure hunt. Instead of traipsing up and down the beach with metal detectors searching for gold, this treasure hunt involves a search for Florida missing money. Patronis hopes this hunt will do the trick to track down missing money in Florida for good.

How the Money Keeps Returning

The Florida State Treasury is thrilled whenever it’s able to return a check to the person it originally belonged to. Even if the sum is twenty bucks, the Treasurer would rather that money be with the person who owns it rather than have it rot away in a Treasury vault. Yet the Treasurer’s office is still inundated with mail – lost checks, utility deposits, tax returns and alimony checks. Until the rightful owners come forward en masse, Florida may never find a solution to its Florida missing money problem. If you would like to track down missing money in Florida, you came to the right place.

Track Down Missing Money in Florida

To find the money that may belong to you, simply search online using your first and last name. The database will search for Florida missing money under the name you entered to see if there is a match. After a match is made and narrowed down by a few more personal details, you will be able to see how much money you have coming. At this time it will also show you what government entity or business it originated from and then you will actually be given several options for getting that money back. The details that are needed and the options on how to claim this money and get it back will vary depending on which and what type of entity currently is holding onto these missing funds.

Join the Florida missing money treasure hunt and do your part to track down missing money in this great state. The money keeps coming in with no sign of stopping, but with enough people searching and with Patronis and his crew doing all they can to keep the balance in the favor of the rightful owners, Florida may soon find the solution to its missing money problem that it’s been hoping for.

Do you have twenty dollars or even a thousand waiting for you? Search for Florida missing money today and help the state find a way to get to the coveted zero lost dollars.