Finding Unclaimed Money in Colorado

How To Go About Finding Unclaimed Money In Colorado

If you live in Colorado or you used to live there, you might have tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unclaimed money just sitting in government accounts. You may think that it’s impossible for you to have unclaimed money out there. If you think back to your time in Colorado, you might wonder where the unclaimed money came from. You may even throw out the possibility completely that you have unclaimed money available to you. You might just find that you’re a little richer once you use to search for unclaimed money that Colorado might be holding for you.

Where Does Colorado Unclaimed Money Come From?

Some Colorado residents, or residents who used to live there, find that they have unclaimed money coming to them in the form of insurance payouts. Maybe they had a house fire many years ago or maybe they had property stolen from them. They moved, the insurance check never made its way to the person and the money becomes unclaimed money, where it just sits in a Colorado Treasury account.

Other lucky unclaimed money owners have found the money coming from deceased relatives they didn’t even know about. Or maybe they knew about the existence of these relatives, but they didn’t realize that they were the last rightful heirs to the deceased person’s inheritance.

The fact is, you might find unclaimed money using and have no idea where it came from, but that doesn’t make the experience any less sweet. You might find unclaimed money from a bank account or a safe deposit box that you abandoned or it might even come from an old energy company security deposit that never reached you in the mail.

Most of the unclaimed money sitting in Colorado Treasury accounts is there because people move, either within Colorado or out of state, and thus the money never ends up reaching the rightful owner. If only more Colorado residents and former residents knew about

The Unclaimed Money Problem

Though it does sound like a pretty sweet problem to have, many Colorado state officials are up in arms over this unclaimed money situation. They want to get rid of all of this unclaimed money so that it can be better spent circulating through the economy. Though Colorado is doing quite well economically compared to other states in the union, the state could use a boost and unclaimed money is just where that boost should come from.

The state of Colorado has done a lot to try and educate residents about the unclaimed money problem. They have sent out notices through the mail, they’ve aired commercials in between TV shows and they’ve even taken to advertising in newspapers and on the radio. You may have even seen an unclaimed money booth at various state and county fairs.

Still, the unclaimed money keeps piling up. After you conduct a search using, that only needs your name to conduct a thorough search for unclaimed money in Colorado, and after you’ve collected the unclaimed money if you do in fact find some, you should tell everyone you know about your newfound wealth and where it came from.

Chances are, if more people paid attention and started using, Colorado would be one of the first states in the union to relieve itself of this unclaimed money problem once and for all.

What are you waiting for? Conduct your search on and tell everyone you know that, waiting for them in the cold crisp mountains, there might be unclaimed money in Colorado.