Find Missing and Unclaimed Money in Alaska

Finding Unclaimed Money in Alaska

If you live in Alaska and you suddenly need money for something, you can go about finding it in a number of ways. You can get a loan, you can borrow the money or you can search for unclaimed money. Unclaimed money or missing money as it is sometimes called, is when you fail to receive a check and that check gets returned to the State or Federal Treasury account or corporate account where the check originated. If you want to find unclaimed money in Alaska, you only need to use to conduct a free search.

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Alaska, like other states in the union, is suffering from an unclaimed money problem. All this missing money or unclaimed money is just sitting in Alaska accounts. With nobody to claim this money, it just sits there. It must be counted and stored, which takes up valuable resources, and the money fails to do anyone any good. The missing or unclaimed money would be much better spent if it were in the hands of Alaskans instead of just gathering dust in an account somewhere.

You’re Taking a Chance On Unclaimed Money

If you’re not sure if you have unclaimed money out there, it never hurts to conduct a free search. The search is free so you have nothing to lose and you never know when you might find yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer.

Where Does This Unclaimed Money Come From?

Many Alaskans are owed this unclaimed money and most have no idea it’s coming to them. There is unclaimed money from uncashed paychecks, abandoned bank accounts and safe deposit boxes and there are even uncashed checks from insurance payouts and court proceedings.

Some Alaskans even have unclaimed money out there that originated from a long lost relative. That relative died and left behind some money and no rightful heir was found. Then, the Alaskan resident was found to be the next heir in line, only that heir couldn’t be located. So the unclaimed money just sits in an Alaskan account with nobody to come forward to collect it.

Just think, you could have thousands of dollars in unclaimed money and all you’d have to do is conduct a simple and free search for it. With your first and last name, the Alaska unclaimed money database will search for unclaimed money and will yield a dollar amount if any money is found.

Success Stories

As becomes more popular, more Alaskans are able to put more money in their pockets. The Alaskans who do know about and have received unclaimed money suddenly have the money they need to get by. With many Alaskans hurting financially, it’s a good bet that you could use any help you can get. Conduct a free search and you just might find that help.

Collecting Your Money

If you do in fact find unclaimed money out there waiting for you, our search will instruct you on how to collect the unclaimed money for yourself. Again, the missing money or unclaimed money isn’t doing anyone any good sitting in Alaskan accounts. Instead, we should all be conducting a free search so that we can put that money back into the hands of Alaskans everywhere, and so that we can help our economy.

If more people search for unclaimed money, Alaska might be able to alleviate itself of the unclaimed money problem once and for all.