Find Missing Money With Unclaimed Money’s Searchable Database

If you’ve ever been to Southwest Louisiana, you may have heard of the legend of Jean Lafitte, an old Pirate that is said to have buried treasure in the region. They even hold Contraband Days festivals and parades based on these legends. There’s said to be untold missing money in the form of gold coins buried somewhere in the ground. Today, there are too many houses and restaurants and shops to go digging indiscriminately for this missing money. Still, some people hold out hope that they’ll be the one to find Jean Lafitte’s missing money. They use metal detectors and dig on the beach, waiting for their shovels to hit the solid wood covers of gold coin filled chests.

What if you were told that you have a chance to find missing money? It’s not pirate’s money you’re after. Instead of digging for someone else’s unclaimed money, this unclaimed money actually belongs to you. It’s ok to be skeptical. Most people have no idea that they have unclaimed money coming to them. In fact, there have been people who searched for unclaimed money and suddenly found themselves thousands of dollars richer.

Why Would I Have Missing Money?

If you are asking yourself this question, ask yourself if you’ve ever abandoned a safety deposit box or a bank account. Maybe the account had a few dollars in it and you thought that going through the actions of closing the account would not have been worth the effort.

Or maybe you have a payout from an insurance company or court case coming to you. Have you moved recently and you maybe failed to give out your previous address? Many times, if you have unclaimed money coming to you, this is why it is lost. People don’t notify the government, previous employers or former financial institutions and the checks get lost in the mail or they get sent back to the government or company in question.

This missing money just starts piling up. There is so much unclaimed money out there, billions to be specific, that it is said that one in eight people have some amount of unclaimed money coming to them. holds the answer to finding this unclaimed money.

Instead of going through the effort of walking along a Louisiana beach with a metal detector and instead of having to dig until your hands blister, just hoping that you’ll hit some form of missing money, offers a free search that you can do from your home, office or even on the beach if you have a mobile device and wi-fi.

With, you can search all fifty states and several Federal databases to see if you have missing money available. You will even be told how to claim the unclaimed money. You might find that you have a hefty sum that helps you pay the bills or the mortgage this month. You might even find a nice sum that lets your entire family go on that dream vacation. Or you could just pay for a brand new decked out entertainment center that will make the entire block jealous. Think you don’t have unclaimed money out there? What if you’re wrong?

Use the free searchable database at You never know, you might just find a sum of unclaimed money that would make even Jean Lafitte proud!