Find Abandoned Property

How To Find And Claim Your Abandoned Property

Do you live in a house? Do you own that house or the land that’s on it? What if you were told that you might own a house, land or even a mansion on forty acres and you might not know it? Think that’s impossible? It’s not, at least not when you’re dealing with abandoned property. Let’s look at a few ways that you might have a claim to abandoned property somewhere in the U.S. or abroad.

Reasons For Abandoned Property

Most people who conduct a search for lost or abandoned property have no idea that there is in fact any property out there. These individuals don’t consider that they might have a plot of land in their name from a former relative who passed away, or a house and some land. Maybe you assumed that the house you used to live in was foreclosed on or that a lien was placed on it by the government and that you’ve lost it forever.

Stranger things have happened and the fact is that there are tons of reasons why there may be land, homes, apartment buildings, commercial property or anything else waiting for you. You may even find that you have the entire contents of safe deposit boxes and storage units waiting to be claimed.

Have you ever seen that show Storage Wars? Essentially, that show is about the groups of people whose job it is to find abandoned property and then bid on it. The hope is that they’ll find something valuable. What will you find when you search for this lost or abandoned property? There’s only one way to find out.

Conducting A Thorough Search

Unlike the storage show, where they’re forced to travel around the country looking for abandoned storage units, you don’t even have to leave the confines of your home or office. You can merely use your first and last name and the system will automatically search through state and federal government accounts to see if there is any abandoned property in your name. The system will even search for variations of your name so that all bases are covered. You might even want to search using your friends’ and your relatives’ names so that you can alert them that they might have abandoned property out there.

Now you have to claim your abandoned property if you hope to secure it as your own.

How To Claim Your Abandoned Property

If you are lucky enough to find anything listed in your name, you will be able to see where that loot is being held. You may see a company or federal government office name and hopefully you’ll find a phone number. Contact the agency in question and tell them that you would like to claim your abandoned property. They may ask you to mail them something, such as a copy of your driver’s license and birth certificate, but then they will most likely mail you your property, mail the deed or they will set up a time and a place where you can retrieve that which is rightfully yours.

It’s not impossible to find abandoned property that takes you up a notch in your class status. You might find that you’re suddenly rich because you have three mansions in your name that you never knew you had before. Keep in mind that if you do claim your abandoned property, you will have to pay taxes on it if it’s a house and/or plot of land. Be smart about your findings, conduct a thorough search and hopefully you’ll find that you are in fact one of the lucky few who are owed abandoned property in the United States.