Can Unclaimed Property be Auctioned?

Can Your Unclaimed Property Really Be Auctioned Off?

No matter which state you live in, you may have unclaimed property waiting for you to step forward and claim it. This could be something as simple as some war bonds that your parents bought for you years ago sitting in a safe deposit box somewhere or it could be an entire sofa set that was left in a storage unit in Topeka Kansas, which your grandparents bequeathed to you in their will. So this means it could be anything from a long lost relatives funds from an old bank account or maybe just a priceless piece of art heirloom or even something detailing your family history.

When all means of communication to notify you of this unclaimed property fails, the property just sits there collecting dust or if it was money it could be accruing interest. When it comes to unclaimed property, it seems now some states are starting to auction it off to help ease their overextended budgets as well as relieve the cost to store and or care for the items, as needed. These types of unclaimed property auctions might be occurring with your unclaimed property. Are you going sit back and stand for that? Or do you finally realize it’s time to take action?

Attending An Auction For Unclaimed Property


When someones goods have been sitting in a safe deposit box or a storage unit for a certain period of time, generally at least a few years, they will typically go to auction. When you go to one of these auctions you are able to bid on a variety of all sorts of interesting things. If you are the person who’s items are at the auction for unclaimed property, you might even be able to place bids on your own stuff. Or you can skip the hassle and anxiety of trying to get your stuff back through an auction and you can just claim it ahead of time before it ever gets put into an actual unclaimed property auction.


If you conduct a free unclaimed property search and find anything under your name, nationwide, you can rightfully claim any and all of this property or funds that belongs to you. Even if you think there could not possibly be any way that you might have belongings or items that currently belong to your family, or that might be coming to you from an inheritance, that would ever be sent out and go to an auction for unclaimed property, do it anyway. You never know what you might find and after reading this you will always wonder, what if? Plus, if you search for unclaimed property now then you will not have to worry or stress about anyone being able to bid on your belongings at an unclaimed property auction.

Can you imagine someone bidding on an old antique piano that you didn’t even know you owned? Or what about a valuable coin collection that is just sitting in a safe deposit box waiting for your key? What if you’re struggling to keep a roof over your families head and you have inherited property somewhere from a long lost relative or one you just haven’t seen in several years. With any of these options being an actual possibility for your to claim or come into unclaimed property it never hurts to do an unclaimed property search to see what might be out there that rightfully belongs to you.

Conduct an unclaimed property search today and find out if you have any unclaimed property or funds just sitting out there somewhere. Or do a free search and get your stuff back before the state sells it off and uses the proceeds of that sale to pay their own bills.