California Unclaimed Funds are Waiting for You

California Unclaimed Funds are Waiting For You

California residents and all those who used to live in the state, listen up. California unclaimed money has hit epic proportions and the state Treasurer’s office is asking for the residents’ help. The state doesn’t have the budget to send out a massive PR campaign asking people to search for and claim the California unclaimed money that they might have coming to them. The state doesn’t even have the resources to start a viral campaign, which may states are relying on now to alert their own residents to their growing unclaimed money issues. Yes, it is up to current and former residents to eradicate the unclaimed money in California and it all starts with a simple search.

Several state have tried creating public service announcements about conducting a search for unclaimed money in the past but depending on the type of citizens that populate the specific state some of these actions end up reaching no one at all. Imagine living in a state that is populated by the elderly who do not keep up on nationwide news, only local. Or try to think of how limited these types of places would be with out internet access or news of the world at all. Now tell me how places like this would be able to find out any news like this at all if they are not properly connected. Well, places like this do exist still to this day, all over the United States.

How Much California Unclaimed Money is there?

According to the state controller’s office, there is $6.1b in unclaimed money in California. That is a substantial number that keeps increasing year after year. This money comes in the form of estates, bank accounts that have been abandoned, utility and other deposits, tax returns as well as from many other sources and reasons. These funds stem from anything that may have ever involved money in your whole entire life and even from situations that had nothing to do with you or your money at all, like an inheritance.

If you think that you are owed unclaimed money in California, even if you used to live in the state but are no longer a California resident, you are urged to search the Unclaimed Money database using your first and last name. Heck, even if you are not sure if any type of money like this could possibly be owed to you, you really still should check! If every current and former citizen took it upon themselves to search for unclaimed money in California, the state wouldn’t have to spend a dime and we could still see the eradication of this problem in our lifetime.

The heavy reality of all of this is that six billion dollars is nothing to shake a stick at, so you can imagine how unnerved state officials are at having to deal with such a massive number. So if you think you might have mutual funds, bonds, an entire estate, royalty payments, trust funds, bank accounts or anything else in your name, search using the Unclaimed Money blog today. You never know what you might find and you really have nothing to lose. Search using your first and last name today and let’s all do our part to help rid the state of the California unclaimed money problem today.