Why Unclaimed Cash Is Still A Problem

It may sound like a great problem to have – a bank vault filled to the brim with unclaimed cash. Yet all that unclaimed cash is proving to be a major debacle for federal and state treasurers. Most treasury offices don’t have enough manpower or resources to handle the unclaimed cash problem. With checks incessantly rolling in, it’s nearly impossible to find unclaimed cash owner information amongst all the clutter. To make matters worse, most people are completely unaware of the unclaimed cash problem and, even if they did know about it, they wouldn’t know how to find unclaimed cash that may be owed to them. This has caused a nationwide database to appear online called Unclaimed Money. To use it, you only have to insert your first and last name.


The Unclaimed Cash Problem Is Growing Out Of Control

Unclaimed Money was developed to make the process of finding missing money much easier than it previously was. Before, you had to contact numerous people and sometimes be put on the phone for hours, if you could get anyone on the phone at all. Again, there just aren’t enough resources to handle the unclaimed cash problem.

Unclaimed Money makes it simple and free. You simply enter your first and last name into the search box and press the submit button. Your name will be checked against all the entries on the unclaimed cash registry. And this occurs all across the country, so you don’t have to call the individual state offices to check yourself. Unclaimed Money will do it all for you and in about a second and a half.

After that second and a half, you’ll be able to view the results. Either you’ll see no entries, or you’ll see a dollar amount. This is exactly how much you’ve been contributing to the unclaimed cash problem. You can then have the money mailed to you or you can have the money deposited into your bank account, in most cases.

Use Unclaimed Money today and do your part to solve the unclaimed cash problem. It only takes a moment and it won’t cost you a thing. In fact, you may even earn money. You’ll never know unless you conduct a free and simple online search.