Ohio Shows The Rest Of The States What Happens To The Interest On Your Unclaimed Money

I am constantly online making sure I am not overlooking any ways to find unclaimed money or ways that unclaimed money comes to be and have been finding out some pretty interesting stuff. I have recently realized that there are so many more ways to get back unclaimed money, property or even missing funds from your home mortgage. Yup that’s right: ATTENTION ALL HOMEOWNERS! You can get money back on your FHA loans as well the actual escrow account that was set up at the same time your loan was created or refinanced. I promise I will get into more detail about it in my future posts now that I have figured out all the details involved.

Discover Ohio Unclaimed Money And Property And How Easy It Is To Claim It

By now I would hope that mostly everyone has heard of finding unclaimed money. The truth is, there is so much unclaimed money out there it almost seems like it should be against the law to not find and claim it. Or that each state should be trying to find the rightful owners, right? Well they are. The problem is that they’re are only so many ways for each State Treasury to actually do this. Unlike winning the lottery many people nationwide don’t have a clue that they might actually have missing money out there so they don’t even look.