Lost Funds In New Jersey Are Still Being Found

Calling all current and former New Jersey state residents – now is your chance to try your hand at finding New Jersey lost funds. With millions upon millions of dollars piling up all across the state, the opportunity is ripe for someone to come away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you think you might have lost funds in New Jersey or even if you’re just curious, visit the Unclaimed Money database and search using nothing more than a first and last name.


New Jersey Lost Funds – Only A Simple Search Away

Why There Are Still Lost Funds In New Jersey

The state of New Jersey had finally truly thought that it had eradicated all of it’s staggering amounts of lost funds late last year. Now even more checks are showing up at the state’s Treasury office almost on a daily basis. This means that now there are even more lost funds in New Jersey then anyone could have guessed, which also means the individuals who work in the state’s unclaimed property administration now have to work even harder and longer to try and get this problem contained once and for all. If you want to help claim lost funds in New Jersey, now is your chance to claim the millions or more that have flowed in just this year so far.