Missing Money In Georgia Continues To Grow

If you are a current or former resident of the state of Georgia, there is a chance that you could have missing money waiting for you to step forward to claim it. The Georgia Department of Revenue is the custodian of that money and is acting on the Unclaimed Property Act to protect the rights of owners who may have this money coming to them. If you think you might have missing money in Georgia, the Georgia Department of Revenue is keeping it on ice for you.


The Unclaimed Property Act

How Does Lost Money Still Exist

Most people are still wondering, in this day and age, can lost money still exist? How does one simply lose money? If you have $100, you are going to hold onto that money. You’re not just going to leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up or for the wind to blow it away. Plus, it’s money. People know how much money they have. So how does all this lost money exist? We are talking about billions of dollars being held in state and federal treasury accounts all across the country. There are in fact many reasons for this lost or missing money, which also makes it much harder to track. The best thing you can do is search for lost money to see if you have any out there. If everyone were to do that, we might be able to eradicate the unclaimed or lost money problem in our lifetime.

Unclaimed Funds And Missing Money From Stocks May Belong To You

Have you ever dabbled and took your chances with the stock market? Or maybe when you first started your investment portfolio you were not 100% sure what exactly  you were doing. You might have invested in more stocks then you remember or kept track of. If either of these situations could have happened, you might have unclaimed funds owed to you. Even if you haven’t messed with stocks and/or bonds, you may still have unclaimed funds and missing money coming your way. Now before you ask yourself “How could I possibly have money coming to me if I have never invested it in the first place?”. Let’s look at a couple ways you may have unclaimed funds in your name in the state in which you currently live.

Lost Money From Places You Never Thought Of Checking

I feel like the more and more everyone is hearing about unclaimed money the more we are seeing the same “Top 5″ or Top 10″ lists of where it comes from. From un-cashed last paychecks to security or utility deposits, old bank accounts, tax refunds and even inheritances. These lists go on and on and in my personal opinion are always quite redundant. So I thought sharing some details on not so common reasons on how “lost money” comes to be may help shed some more light in several different aspects.


How To Claim Missing Money And Unclaimed Property With The Unclaimed Money Database

Recent reports showed that most families don’t have a savings account, or at least a very substantial one. The figures showed that most families keep maybe $500 for emergencies and as a nest egg for retirement or that ultimate family vacation, or whatever else they may need the money for. Yet most families are only one disaster away from complete disaster. Those same reports showed that most families, regardless of income level, live paycheck to paycheck. Even people making six figures a year automatically accumulate the mansion and multiple cars and boat to go along with that type of lifestyle and before they know it they’re living paycheck to paycheck just like someone living in a one bedroom driving an old beat up Fiat. This report showed that most Americans could use a little financial boost. Wouldn’t it be great if that boost were free? Most Americans should be asking themselves that question since many are owed missing money and unclaimed property that is currently being held by the government.

Techniques And Tips On How To Claim Missing Money

Could you use a little extra cash? Would you like to maybe find free money? Sound too good to be true? It’s not, sort of. While the money is free and you wouldn’t have to pay for it, any missing money you find would actually be yours. Say what? How is that even possible? This article will show you not only how to search for missing money, but also how to claim missing money that is rightfully yours. That’s right. You may have lost money somewhere along the way and now the government may be holding onto it. What are you waiting for? It’s time to give you some tips on how to claim missing money once and for all.

Lost And Missing Money Keeps Piling Up

What would you do if you had a pile of money that amounted into the billions of dollars? First, you’d have to find someplace to store all that money. You might not have a concept of how big a multi-billion dollar pile of money might be, but let’s just say it would be fairly large. Now let’s say that you have actual vaults where you keep all this money and those vaults are spread all around the country. There are even some federal vaults keeping some of that money. Now, what if you were told that all that money, those billions of dollars that are piled up like a mountain in these vaults all over the country – what if you were told that this money is considered lost or missing money? You’d be confused, right?

How Lost Money Gets Classified

Did you know that nearly one in eight Americans is owed some amount of lost or missing money? These Americans are probably struggling right now to make ends meet, to pay their bills, their mortgages, put food on the table, pay for gas to get to and from work and forget about vacations; and meanwhile they may have untold sums of lost money out there waiting for them. So how do we educate more Americans on this plight of missing money? To begin, we should let all Americans know where this money came from. Once more citizens are aware of just how lost money gets classified, more will become aware of the problem and will undoubtedly start searching for missing sums of their own.

Locate Missing Money In South Dakota

Many families living in South Dakota today are finding it difficult to make ends meet. Whether it’s a product of the economy, rising home, fuel and food prices or it’s the trend of massive unemployment that’s sweeping the nation, we can’t really tell. Still, more families just don’t have the cash to live life the way they want. These families may need help paying their mortgages or rent or they may need more money to put food on their kitchen or dining room tables. These families would benefit immensely from missing money in South Dakota. If only more families knew about this phenomenon.

Rhode Island’s Unclaimed Money Problem Is Growing Out Of Hand

The state of Rhode Island is facing a major financial issue. We’re not talking about budget cuts or bankruptcy. Instead, we’re referring to Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem. This problem is seriously growing out of control. There is so much unclaimed money being held in Rhode Island state treasury accounts that officials are going crazy. And more seems to flow in all the time. How many times have you wished to find free money? How many times have you jammed your hand down between your couch or car seat cushions to search for money that you didn’t have before? If you said more than once, you might want to search for missing money so that we can help Rhode Island get rid of some of this money once and for all.