Helping Family Find Missing Money And Property

If you have any family members who are unemployed, underemployed or maybe you have family members that could just use a few extra bucks, you should consider doing an unclaimed money search on their behalf. An unclaimed money search takes a few minutes and it could yield tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars of this unclaimed money. If your family can’t do an unclaimed money search on their own, you owe it to them and the country to do the unclaimed money search for them.


The Growing Problem Of Unclaimed Money

Our Nations Unclaimed Money Problem Is Getting Worse, Help Solve The Problem

We live in one of the, if not the best country in the world. If you want to do your part to help this country, you can start by conducting a free unclaimed money search using the handy database. The unclaimed money problem in this country is getting drastically out of hand. Every year, millions of dollars roll in to state and federal treasury accounts. This unclaimed money actually belongs to millions of Americans, but these individuals have no idea that it even exists. Until we are able to raise public awareness for this growing unclaimed money problem, the problems we face will only get worse.