Rhode Island’s Unclaimed Money Problem Is Growing Out Of Hand

The state of Rhode Island is facing a major financial issue. We’re not talking about budget cuts or bankruptcy. Instead, we’re referring to Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem. This problem is seriously growing out of control. There is so much unclaimed money being held in Rhode Island state treasury accounts that officials are going crazy. And more seems to flow in all the time. How many times have you wished to find free money? How many times have you jammed your hand down between your couch or car seat cushions to search for money that you didn’t have before? If you said more than once, you might want to search for missing money so that we can help Rhode Island get rid of some of this money once and for all.


Where Does This Money Come From?

Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem mostly stems from people moving and failing to notify the post office of their changed address. They also don’t notify Rhode Island companies and banks of their new home. When this happens, checks are mailed out and they never reach the intended recipient. This causes the checks to be returned and then the money goes to the state where it is held in treasury accounts.

With nearly eight in ten Americans owed money from various sources, Rhode Island isn’t alone in its plight. Many other states are facing issues just like the smaller north eastern state. Don’t let the size of the state fool you, however. Even though the state is tiny, Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem is huge in comparison.

What can be done about this missing money issue? If you want to know if you are owed this money in any way shape or form, you simply search using your first and last name. This will allow you to see where the money is coming from and how much money is coming to you. When you finally do find this money, you will then be able to claim it by following a few simple steps.

First, you will need to verify your identity so that nobody else can claim the money in your name. Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem might not be so bad if everyone could claim the money without verifying. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. You must follow the procedures to verify that you are who you say you are so that you can claim the money as your own. Once you claim the money, it’s yours to do whatever you want with it. You can pay bills, buy groceries, take a vacation, buy some electronics or whatever else you have in mind.

If it’s so easy to collect this money, you might be wondering why Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem exists in the first place. It’s a sad plight, but most people who live in the state have no idea that this money is even out there. As far as they’re concerned, if the money isn’t in their possession it must not be real. If only more people would search for the money so that we could alleviate the problem once and for all.

If you want to do something about Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem that is growing out of control every year, you simply need to search using your first and last name. By this time tomorrow, you might find yourself tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer.

Until more people search for this money that comes from so many different sources around the state, Rhode Island’s unclaimed money problem will continue to get worse.