Our Nations Unclaimed Money Problem Is Getting Worse, Help Solve The Problem

We live in one of the, if not the best country in the world. If you want to do your part to help this country, you can start by conducting a free unclaimed money search using the handy UnclaimedMoney.com database. The unclaimed money problem in this country is getting drastically out of hand. Every year, millions of dollars roll in to state and federal treasury accounts. This unclaimed money actually belongs to millions of Americans, but these individuals have no idea that it even exists. Until we are able to raise public awareness for this growing unclaimed money problem, the problems we face will only get worse.


How Did The Unclaimed Money Problem Start?

Most unclaimed money comes about because an individual moves from their primary residence. When this happens and the person fails to notify others of the move, certain checks may be mailed to the previous residence where the money then becomes lost. These unclaimed money checks may include a final paycheck, insurance payouts, bank account balances and much more. Unless these individuals conduct a free unclaimed money search, the money will just sit in treasury accounts and it won’t do anyone a bit of good.


In A Perfect World

How can we solve this unclaimed money problem? If every person in the country jumped online and conducted a free search using the UnclaimedMoney.com database, we would be able to solve the unclaimed money problem in this country. The search takes but a few seconds and you only have to use your first and last name. The database will search the treasury databases in all 50 states and even a few federal accounts. If there is unclaimed money in the person’s name, a hit will come up and the person will then be able to continue with the claim.


Claiming Unclaimed Money

If you conduct a search for unclaimed money and it is deemed that you have money out there, your next step is to claim it. This is how we can solve this unclaimed money problem once and for all. If every person in this country conducted a search and everyone went through the process of claiming that money, many Americans would find themselves instantly richer, even if it’s only tens or hundreds of dollars richer, and the economy would improve as a result.

Can you imagine if Americans everywhere suddenly solved the unclaimed money problem? If we were able to return these billions of dollars to the millions of Americans that are owed this money, those Americans would have much more buying power. People would spend more at their local grocery stores and they’d buy things online and the overall quality of their lives would improve. That could make the U.S. one of the first countries to come out of the economic slump we’ve found ourselves in.

So you see that there is a growing problem out there with all of this unclaimed money just sitting in government accounts. It’s time, as an American, to do your part. Conduct a free unclaimed money search and tell every other American you know about the unclaimed money problem this country is facing. Tell your friends, family members, co-workers and even strangers at the local nail or hair salon or at the mall. The more Americans we tell about this unclaimed money problem, the closer we’ll be to solving this unclaimed money problem once and for all.