Ohio Is Still Struggling To Maintain Missing Money

Ohio Superintendent Yaw Obeng is attempting to reunite the state’s current and former residents with millions and possibly billions of dollars in Ohio missing money. Missing money in Ohio is not a new subject. The problem has been growing for years, compounded by the fact that so many of the rightful recipients have moved out of state. This has led to Superintendent Yaw Obeng announcing a nationwide agenda to inform all current and former residents that Ohio missing money exists and it may belong to you or someone you know.

So far this call to action has been unsuccessful as there are still millions of people who are owed missing money in the state. There are a few success stories, however. One man discovered Ohio missing money from an old utility deposit that he lost track of years ago. In another instance, news that made recent headlines, missing money in Ohio was returned to several Jewish organizations to the tune of $32,000.

Superintendent Obeng urges current and former residents to think back to years ago to determine if they might have left Ohio missing money behind somewhere along the way. The money could come from an old abandoned bank account, an old insurance payment, child support payment or you could find property left behind in an old safe-deposit box.

The State of Ohio Chamber of Commerce is the department that handles unclaimed money in the state, but unfortunately the state is much too busy to contact every person in the Ohio missing money registry. That is why it is up to all current and former residents to search online using a first and last name. Search for your name, your friends and family members’ names and any businesses that they own or might have owned.

Missing money in Ohio turns up every day and most of the time the person is surprised to find it. Help make Superintendent Obeng’s job a little easier and search for Ohio missing money today. Whether you find ten dollars, a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars or in excess of thirty grand, you will have done your part to rid the state of its missing money problem. So stop procrastinating and help solve this problem today.

I mean , the worst that could happen is you could find out you do not actually have any money coming to you but what if that is not the case. Could you use let’s say, $50.00 to $550.00? I am sure you can. Regardless of if you need the money for bills, food, clothing or just for the vacation you have been putting off I am sure you can find a way to spend the money. Even if it just ends up collecting interest in your savings account, I am sure that would be Ok too!