What Is Unclaimed Money?

The fact that there are many billions of dollars piling up in treasury accounts across the country is a testament to the fact that most people have no idea what unclaimed money is or how it can be claimed. It’s not the public’s fault that they don’t know what unclaimed money is. The problem really originates with public officials whose job it is to manage this money until it is claimed by the rightful owners. If more people knew about unclaimed money, where it comes from and how to claim it back, they’d undoubtedly start searching in droves, and that’s exactly what needs to happen if we are going to eradicate the unclaimed money problem for good.

This Last Tuesday Ohio Issued An Unclaimed Funds List

This past Tuesday, quite a few Ohioans found themselves the lucky owners of at least some of the $235,528.15 that was listed in the Reflector’s unclaimed funds list. The list was part of an initiative by Ohio Department of Commerce Director David Goodman to raise awareness of the unclaimed funds problem. Right now the state is holding onto $2,012,229.12, or at least it was until last Tuesday when the Reflector published the unclaimed funds list. Did you read the Reflector last Tuesday? If not, you may want to find a copy.


Unclaimed Funds

How To Spread The Word About Unclaimed Money

At this moment, even with a struggling economy, millions of Americans are owed billions of dollars in unclaimed money. This unclaimed money comes from bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, insurance and court settlements, inheritances, uncashed paychecks and unreturned deposits. Yet, even with this downed economy, most Americans don’t care about this unclaimed money. If they did, they would be searching for it until they were blue in the face. Or maybe they’re not searching for unclaimed money because they don’t even know it exists. Sadly, it might be the latter. We need to begin a nation-wide campaign to alert everyone that this money does in fact exist, and getting one’s hand on it might only be a simple search away.

Tips On How Locate Unclaimed Money In Alabama

What would you do if you won the Alabama state lottery? Even if you only won a hundred bucks or a couple hundred, what would you do with your newfound wealth? Would you spend it on bills? Would you use it to put more food on the table for your family? Or would you use the money to splurge on the latest gadget or fashions? What if you were told that you don’t have to play the lottery to find free money? What if you were told that you could merely search for unclaimed money in Alabama and you might still find tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars waiting for you? This isn’t some fairy tale. It’s factual, accurate and you can try to locate that unclaimed money right now.

Why People Still Don’t Know About Unclaimed Money

This country is facing a huge unclaimed money problem and the problem seems to be getting worse every day. With billions of dollars being held in government accounts all over the country and in several federal treasury accounts, we as a nation need to do something. The problem is that most people still have no idea that there is unclaimed money out there. Let’s look at a few reasons why the majority of Americans are still oblivious to this unclaimed money conundrum and also a few ways we can remedy this unclaimed money problem for good.


Find Unclaimed Money In Texas With The Unclaimed Money Database

If you live in Texas, you’ll be happy to know that you just might be the rightful owner of a hefty sum of unclaimed money. That’s right. Many Texans are going about their days, completely unaware that they may be hundreds or even thousands of dollars richer. This unclaimed money comes from a variety of sources and it’s said that there are billions of dollars just sitting in Texas government accounts. So where does all this unclaimed money come from and how do you get your hands on it?

What Is Texas Unclaimed Money?

Top 10 Reasons You Might Have Unclaimed Money With The Government

Right now there are billions of dollars sitting in government accounts and millions of Americans are the rightful owners of all that money. How do we have such a problem with unclaimed money in this country? It’s because most people don’t even know that they’re owed unclaimed money. To help determine if you might be the rightful owner of unclaimed money, read through the following. Hopefully you can find some unclaimed money of your own to help alleviate some of the problem government officials are facing.







Conducting A Nationwide Unclaimed Money Search

Unclaimed money is becoming a huge problem in this country. In fact, we have billions of dollars sitting in state and federal treasury accounts just waiting to be claimed. This unclaimed money isn’t helping any Americans make ends meet and it’s certainly not helping the economy. Instead, it is just sitting there gathering dust and state and federal officials are doing whatever they can to alleviate the problem. To help with this, UnclaimedMoney.com is here to help.