Learn How To Locate Money That Belong To You

Most people are aware when someone owes them money. You may have let a friend borrow twenty bucks or you may have cut a check to a relative a thousand. Yet no matter what happens, you always know that the debt is valid and that the money must be paid. Sometimes this strains relationships, but it’s a fact of life.

Millions In Unclaimed War Bonds Need Servicing

Do you have unclaimed war bonds that were lost some time ago? You might and not even know it. Right now the US government is holding onto billions of dollars in unclaimed war bonds. These bonds were sold during times of war in order to bring much-needed revenue to the state department to pay for defense and armaments. The bonds were set to mature over a period of time, and so many Americans stored them right after receiving them. Many of these bonds became lost and thus they became added to the unclaimed war bonds problem. Do you have unclaimed war bonds? It might be time to find out.